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That's A Lot of Traffic, is an Australian based search engine marketing and optimisation company helping clients achieve results in any industry.
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We provide a wide range of online marketing strategies from Facebook to Google and even on eBay!

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Best Return On Investment

Pay per click (PPC) marketing are ads that are displayed in search engine results. These ads have a high click rate which means if you target the right keywords you can expect sales and leads to fly in. We've generated sales for a client within 15mins from the campaign running live!

What We Do

We'll research & setup your account from scratch (or use your existing one if you have it), suggest daily budgets, keywords and any additional recommended changes to your website if necessary.

What You Get

Unlike most companies who setup PPC accounts, you actually own the account that we setup and once our management is finished you get to keep your account. You can always ask us back to continue managing your account if needed in the future.


From $50 per month

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Long Term Marketing

SEO is one of the most sort after services when it comes to marketing online because everyone uses search engines (mostly Google) to find what they are looking for. However what most companies will NOT tell you is that sometimes it is not the best return on investment to begin with. SEO is a long term marketing investment where results are based on the industry and that will vary from business to business.

Seach Engine Optimisation is when your website appears in the actual search result and you can't pay Google or any other engine money to appear here.

So What Do We Actually Do?

In a nut shell, SEO consists of building links from other websites to you. How you actually do it depends on whether you rank #1 or below #10. We use ethical link building strategies to get our clients ranked to the top for 1000s of keywords and we do this time and time again for all of our clients.

How Can You Guarantee Me Results?

Simple, we quote you for a campaign and if we don't succeed within the period of our contract, we stay on for free until the results are achieved (provided conditions are met, contact us for more info about this).


From $550 and above

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eCommerce Marketing

If you own an online shop we'll make sure your stuff gets sold. We have the ability to provide a range of ecommerce marketing solutions and here's a few things that we do.

  • Deal of The Day Sites
    If you have great margins on a product we'll negotiate a rate with over 30 different deal of the day sites in Australia. We'll make sure you don't get ripped off by these big companies and we even know which ones to stay away from.

  • eBay Store Management & Setup
    With millions of buyers, eBay is worlds largest auction website. What we do is help setup an eBay store for your business (which you keep) and we'll even research if your products are suitable, competitively priced and once listed we'll manage it.

  • Price Comparing Sites
    We'll list you in the top price comparative websites in Australia.

  • Corporate Rewards
    Get you featured and listed with corporate reward companies.

  • Affiliate Marketing
    Setup and manage your affiliate with Australian affiliate.

  • E-Mail Marketing
    Setup and run your email marketing campaign.

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Viral Marketing

Ever wanted to be featured on the front page of YouTube? Got a blog that you wished had more readers? Want more people to talk about you on facebook? That's what we can help you with. We've moved millions of eyeballs to the various websites from blogs to facebook pages and through YouTube.

What Do We Actually Do?

We have a network of what we call social influencers. These people have influence in various social networks. We bring your content to these individuals and they give it a little viral push by talking about it or voting them up.

How Do We Achieve Success

Getting your content to go viral is about accessing the type of content. We specialise in creating the right content for the right social network. And using the right influence to achieve a desired result.


Project to Project Basis.

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How We Do It
Nothing we do is easy, but we'll make it simple for you
Our most important goal is to get you where you want to be. We always keep our clients involved from day one and let you know where we are every step of the way with frequent reporting and communication. We listen first before providing you with the correct solutions and we always adapt to the ever changing world of online marketing.
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Effective Communication

Before anything is done we take the time to understand what your goals are. And explain exactly what is is that we are going to do for you. Effective communication is the key part to every relationship, personal or business and that's what we believe in.

Provide A Complete Solution

Once we have sat down and established what you are trying to achieve, we then provide a list of possible solutions we can take to get to our target. Based on budget and time we assess which areas we can invest our time and your money wisely.

Proven And Tested Strategies

With over 8 years of experience in online marketing we have been around long enough to see all the major changes in our industry. Especially the changes with Google and though our experiences are we able to have a high success rate for our clients.

Grow, Care & Adapt To THe Industry

One thing that most people don't see is the potential to grow and the ability to adapt. What we do is grow your business with you and we adapt to the many changes from your business and from the industry. Having this skill we are able to maintain a longer lasting marketing presence for you.

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